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Follow Trouble-free Cleaning steps to keep away the rug fringes from getting tousled!!

Fringes add elegant charm and traditional look to the rug. But it becomes blemish if they are not handled with proper care.  Cleaning the fringes of rug might be difficult if you’re not approaching right cleaning techniques. All you need is a petite planning before cleaning the fringes of your area rug to sustain the attractiveness of your rug. Pursue the following simple ways to clean the fringes of your area rug:

Before commencing the cleaning procedure you need to emphasize the things you require. This includes a clean cloth, vacuum, solution of white vinegar Hydrogen peroxide, soft scrubber or brush, sponge, ammonia and Luke warm water.   You can regularly vacuum the rug on lower suction to eliminate the debris struck on the surface of the rug. Sluggishly go over the edges and fringes on both the sides with a brush and clean it. Do not beat the rug as this may make their fringes tear and tangle against each other. Remove the fringes and place it on a clean cloth properly covering the edges. Once you’re done, dip the fringes carefully in the solution of ammonia and Luke warm water. Using a soft scrubber or brush rub the fringes and wipe of the dirt.

Continue this process till the fringes are completely cleaned. You can even add tablespoon of white vinegar or Hydrogen peroxide to the washing solution to remove the unwanted odor from the rug. Instead of Hydrogen peroxide you can even add table spoon of soda as this kills the germs and microbes struck on the fringes.  Liberally Mop the fringes with sponge, make sure that you don’t rub the rug and the fringes harder. Avoid machine washing, bleaching or using hard detergents as this may prone the fringes and damage it for lifetime.

Let the fringes dry totally. You can even place a fan or dryer to make the fringes dry quickly. Try to keep your rug far away from heavy footsteps as this may harm the striking fringes.

By Agness Potter is a graduate from Georgia, USA working as an author for and has written articles on Designer Rugs, Shag Area Rug and many more.



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