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For the perfect adrenaline rush, try having an aerobatic flight

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Flying for many people is a convenience rather than an enjoyment and is linked to vacations. Most of us have not been up in a small aircraft so will not recognise the disparities between flying in an airliner and in a small aircraft. Flying in a light airplane is rather different to an airliner and a flight in an aerobatic plane is even better!

The majority of people have not experienced flying in a small airplane and definitely haven’t tried aerobatics. Aerobatic flights explore the boundaries of mechanical and human capabilities and they are a great gift for adrenaline junkies.

There are only a few aerobatic pilots so getting the chance to fly with an aerobatic pilots is a privilege. Aerobatics demands a genuine talent that goes beyond the abilities of the majority of pilots. A variety of figures is flown making up an aerobatic sequence which is critiqued by an aerobatic judge on the ground and tests the skill of aerobatic pilots.

It is assumed that flying is extremely expensive and therefore, a lot of people choose other adrenaline experiences. Surprisingly though, flying just isn’t as costly as one would imagine and an aerobatic experience flight is similarly priced as other adrenaline sports such as a sports car experience.

Aerobatic flights are the perfect way to experience the capabilities of aerobatics and a great way to get your adrenaline flowing. Aerobatic flights enable you to experience aerobatic flying in a small aircraft, look at the local sights and really be amazed with the capabilities of an aircraft.

There is a very big difference between aerobatic flights and pleasure flights. Air experience flights are usually very relaxed whereas aerobatic flights are definitely not! Aerobatic flights do however provide you with a chance to view the sights from the air as well as experience aerobatics.

Aerobatic planes are capable of doing some magnificent manoeuvres. These are seen in air displays. Watching the manoeuvres though does not compare to experiencing them first hand. Experience manoeuvres like rudder rolls, aileron rolls, loops and spins first hand and if you are lucky, get a video of your flight so you can enjoy your stunt flight time and time again.

Will you try aerobatics?

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  • Posted On April 20, 2012
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