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Foreign media that apple in China iPad trademark battle by the counter

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Proview ( Shenzhen) Limited company 6 in the Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court for a temporary ban, required Apple stopped in mainland China using iPad this trademark.

According to the United States” Wall Street daily” report swarovski iphone cases, Shenzhen in 2001 registered trademarks of the iPad, saying that he himself in some products using the name iPad.

Prior to this, apple claimed to enjoy iPad in mainland China Trademark Shenzhen initiated litigation. In December last year, a Shenzhen court rejected apple charges. According to report of Xinhua news agency, apple to a higher court on appeal.

Reportedly, this legal events may be a rare example, because Chinese companies in the West with the opponent into a legal dispute, usually to get public support.

Yang Rongshan said:” I understand, even many Chinese think we tried to use inferior means of extortion apple. But we are in full compliance with the laws and regulations, if people know the whole procedure of this will know that. The misunderstanding to us too much, but we will continue to prosecute, until the win due thing.”

According to the United States Fawkes commercial Bowknot Swarovski iPhone Cases web site reports, International Holdings Limited is Shenzhen ‘s parent company, respectively in 2000 and 2001 in Taiwan and the Chinese mainland registered trademarks of the iPad. Apple in 2009 to $55000 through the British IP application development company bought the Proview iPad logo, but the deal is only applicable to Taiwan. Later, Shenzhen board chairman Yang Rongshan said, the company does not know IP company with Apple’s association.

Reported that, in order to legally in China using iPad label, Apple needs to make Shenzhen into mainland China ‘s trademark transfer to it. If you can not reach a solution, Apple will have on the world’s second largest personal computer market suffered heavy losses.

Shenzhen is trying to halt a iPad in Shenzhen and Huizhou of the two China city sales. At present, Beijing City West Branch Trade and industry should have only coronal company complaints filed against Apple Computer trademark infringement case.

The report points out, although the only crown proceedings will allow apple to lose a lot of, but the suit itself requires only apple stop in China retail shops and stores selling iPad, did not mention the forbidden apple to iPad named future product, so apple is likely to be launched in the next generation Tablet PC to adopt the name iPad — probably called iPad 3, which is expected to solve disputes with director.

Foreign media that apple in China iPad trademark battle by the counter


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