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Free Horoscope

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Gone are the days when astrologers cast a person’s horoscope by gathering the date, time, and place of birth before plunging into tedious calculations, with frequent consults with the almanac!

The 21st century brings technology to the fingertips of astrology . With just a click of the mouse, the modern astrologer can astound the layman. With his readings! Horoscopes can be cast according to any of the three well known patterns. Then the planets are assigned their positions. The periods and sub periods of planets appear in a jiffy! Predictions follow.


Free horoscopes are available at various websites. All you have to do is to register with correct personal details. Sometimes the predictions are sent by e mail or appear instantly online on the screen!

Persons can take advice on a day to day basis from these websites. It can be general. If you want any forecasts made with regard to your career, marriage or health, the forecasts appear online within seconds!


If weekly, monthly or yearly advices are sought, there is no problem. .Such free horoscopes help a person plan in advance to meet any contingency to the best of his ability

Education is the first rung in the career ladder. Free horoscope can suggest the most suitable educational path that one should tread. Excellent careers are made by consulting free horoscope. If a person has many career options before him, free horoscope can help him choose the best.


Spates of bad luck and misfortune can be overcome. Events can take a complete turnaround if free horoscope is consulted. Free horoscope will also tell you about any blemishes or “doshas” in your horoscope. Consequently you can seek the correct remedies, in the form of special pujas, mantra chants, visits to the temple or just wearing suitable gems, to counter such doshas.


Couples looking forward to having children resort to free horoscope to know about their progeny. If the marriage does not produce children, the couple is looked down upon in their social circles. To avoid such predicament, families resort to horoscope predictions. They are suggested simple remedies for thwarting the stigma of childlessness.


Numerological suitable spellings for names according to the person’s star and zodiac signs are also available with free horoscope .Most of the times the changes have resulted in the enhancement of one’s life prospects.

Free horoscope is a beacon to light our future for a happy, fulfilling and successful life on earth!


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  • Posted On April 3, 2012
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