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Free Messenger vs a Lan Messenger, which is better to suit your needs?

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Instant messaging began as a hot social methods of communication. There are many free messenger providers allow you to utilize free instant messaging free of charge. The instant messaging has been widely to use to get hold of friends, share info and obtain immediate respond on the go. The ease of use and the ability to have an quick reply have caused instant messaging to be used increasingly in professional and business environment. Let’s start a simple comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using a Lan messenger rather than a free instant messenger in the business areas.Benefits of Free Instant Messenger1.) Without doubt, the most obvious benefit of using public instant messengers like Yahoo! or MSN is that they are no cost, no more extra expenses.2.) The use of a free IM client program is easy, just download it and install it, the IM service provider will do the host service, no technical maintenance will be required for a general user. Disadvantages of Free Instant Messenger 1.) The Instant messaging server is hosted through the instant messaging supplier, the history message probably will not be encoded, so they can be intercepted and browse by anyone who knows how or.2.) Trojans can be sent by unidentified contacts. 3.) The free instant messenger is going to be utilized to chat with friends or family through the work time, which will waste a lot of time. Benefits of Lan Messenger 1.) Lan messengers encode all messages with strong encoding, which make sure the security system.3.) An enterprise level Lan messenger offers rich functions like white board, conference chat which turned out to be very useful in office communication. 3.) A Lan messenger offer all of the regular features of IM. 4.) Only authorised people can send messages. Down sides of Lan Messenger1.) A Lan messenger will cost extra money.2.) Technical maintenance may be required.


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