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Freelance Home Writers – What Is The Best Thing To Write About

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Many freelance home writers are confused in the beginning about what to write about. You might think you don’t have enough experience or knowledge to write about anything! If you are becoming a freelance writer to make a lot of money, then the answer is simple. You must write about things which people have a real problem with, and you have a solution, or can help them with their problem.
The people who spend money on the internet are people who have a problem of some description, and are looking for a solution. This applies to every area of life. What areas do you have experience? Everyone has problems of some sort, and found a solution.
You may have to get creative, but you will be able to think of something.
Have you bought a big flat screen TV? You had a problem of a small TV, you researched and found a solution. You chose a brand and a size for various reasons, and bought the TV. You now have invaluable experience from which to draw. You will be able to help people who have a small TV, and are looking for a better one. You know factors like pricing, brands and technical specifications. You have a valuable opinion on the subject. This can now be used as a way to make money with freelance writing.
It can be any area of life which you have experienced. Have you moved house? You can now understand people’s problems who are about to move houses and want to know the best moving companies to use, how to pack the boxes etc.
Have you been ill? You had experiences with the doctor and medication and treatments which you can draw on.
Have you broken up with a partner and found a new love? Have you got back together with your partner. These are topics which people have a real need, and are looking for answers to their problems.
Have you managed to lose weight? You have a very profitable experience there!
You can see what I am saying. You have experience things in life, and now you can draw on these things to write online.
Different experiences lend themselves to a different style of writing. Urgent needs like relationships, weight and making money are perhaps the most profitable, as people want a solution right now. More general life’s experiences may lend themselves to blogs and information websites, which if you own will still bring in a lot of money if done right. If you are freelancing per post or article, then you will still get paid for your work, because you have a valuable insight and will make a great contribution to the content of the website.
Whatever you do, don’t stop your dream of being a freelance writer because you don’t think you have anything to write about. All good freelance home writers draw on their experience to write their content. All you have to do is get creative and find yours.

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