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Full Astley Clarke Eternity Rings

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Once sold with the slogan “she married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going” the eternity ring is a lady’s ring that is typically given to her by her husband to celebrate having been married for a period of time. The eternity ring is usually given on a significant anniversary although it is down to the discretion of the couple as to exactly which anniversary this should be.
De Beers are credited with the creation of the first eternity ring, as they attempted to find a way to avoid the stockpiling of smaller Soviet diamonds. These diamonds were typically less than 0.25 carats and this meant creating a new range of rings that bucked the trend of wearing a single diamond set on precious metal. In fact, the eternity ring design is one that is clearly and evidently very different to the design of a ring containing a single diamond.
The eternity ring is usually made from a precious metal, most commonly gold. Into the metal, a continuous band of stones is set. This continuous band of diamonds is said to represent undying love. As some wearers complained of the cumbersome nature of having diamonds set right around the ring band, a half eternity ring was created which featured diamonds that were set only on the front face of the ring.
Full Astley Clarke eternity rings are the ideal gift for your wife. They should your commitment to spending a lifetime together and they enable you to buy a beautiful and heartfelt gift for any anniversary. Whether you have spent a year of wedded bliss together or a lifetime of happiness and are looking for the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift you should consider an eternity ring to be the ideal present.
Astley Clarke offers rings that are made by some of the world’s most renowned and best known jewellery designers. Choose from a selection of metals including white and yellow gold as well as titanium and other metals and also determine which stones you would prefer. There are many half and full eternity rings to choose from.




When browsing the <a href=””>Astley Clarke silver rings</a> collection you will find a beautiful range of top quality silver rings; designs that are made by some of the leading names in jewellery design and the use of sterling silver and the finest real gemstones.


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