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Fun, Business Promotion With Fridge Magnets

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Whether you are a kid or an adult, a fridge magnet is always useful and a source of fun. Children are often made to play games with magnets, to make them understand how magnets actually work. Businesses also use magnets for promotion in the form of magnetic business cards.

Magnet games

There are different kinds of magnet games that help kids learn while playing. Magnetic map puzzles are very popular among children. They learn about various countries and states through these puzzles. They also understand what magnetism is and learn how magnetic poles act through such games. Kids also enjoy playing with small magnetic cars. They learn about different car models while sliding magnetic cars on the floor. Magnets of different shapes can help your kids learn about different entities, such as animals, flowers, places, and historical monuments. A magnetic calendar is also a trendy item that serves different purposes, as a calendar, a calendar lesson for kids, or a magnetic holder.

Business promotion using magnets

Using magnets is an easy and cost-effective mode of business promotion. These magnets catch people’s attention very easily. This increases the chances of more people reading the information printed on these magnets. Different shapes and colors make them even more attractive to viewers.

Besides promoting their services using magnets, businesses have also started making magnetic business cards. These business cards not just hold papers and chits onto your fridge, though also provide you with useful information. Magnetic business cards have their best use when you need to know a company’s number or email address. You do not have to waste time looking for it in the back pockets of your pants tucked in the closet.

If you have a business that needs promotion, then design your business cards or fridge magnets while keeping the following things in mind:

•    Design magnets depending on your offerings. For instance, if you offer pizza delivery services, then you can make magnets of the shape of a pizza slice.

•    Consider the use of these magnets to customers while designing their shape and color. A pizza slice magnet can just make your customers crave for food. Publish your phone number near the sides of the magnet to make it easier for them to call you and place an order.

•    Use new ideas. Popular business card magnets are bigger in size and have rounded corners, making them safe for children.

Various other magnet items, such as photo frames, magnetic compass, memo holders, and car magnets, can also serve different purposes for you. You can give away these items and fridge magnets to your customers for better promotion.

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