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Functional Companies

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I have been doing some research on companies that are successful and function well. I wanted to see what are the factors that lie behind success and gain customers’ trust. As an example I have taken a company called Uunisepät which is a Finnish fireplace company. The examples of its functionality are things that every company should pay attention to.


If we take a look at the produce itself, we see that Uunisepät has been doing intense research and development for over thirty years now. Their engineering is at its finest and they really put some effort in it. Although they have the best fireplaces on the market, they still continue their research and development; they don’t stop even though they have been acknowledged for high quality fireplaces. They are always looking for even better and more functional fireplace engineering.


So we have established that Uunisepät’s produce is top level, but even if a company’s produce is great, it is no use if it is unable to sell it. Uunisepät has put some thought into this by opening not only stores but also very informative webpages which has all of their fireplaces, engineering information and contact details well at hand. Also, a thing that is extremely important is customer service. Customer service is usually the first impression that the customer gets about the company. Friendliness and helpfulness are things that really matter. A good example of proactive customer service is when upon buying we chose this one fireplace model, but when we came home we realized it wouldn’t suit our living room. We called Uunisepät the next day and the lady called three different places so that our first order could be changed. She really did everything she could and as a result she had two really happy customers who keep telling this story to their friends, too.


Every company should remember that quality of its produce is only half of the success. The other half is the presentation, that is customer service that closes the deals. There are various training programs so that the employees know what can be done in each situation and how much of their own initiative they can apply. So invest in engineering and in customer service and you will be on your way to success!


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  • Posted On June 12, 2012
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