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Functionality Meets Design

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I have noticed that many beautiful homes have a few things in common. It is not about the money invested, well, not necessarily; it is more about paying attention to details and aspiring to create something beautiful. It really shows when something has been done with love and care and not just thrown in there. Some people move in, buy the furniture and accessories in a hurry and then think that later on when there is time, they will decorate their home ”for real”. Well, that usually never happens and the temporary design is there for years. I wish everyone would remember that a home is not just a roof on top of your head; it is a place where you can relax and feel at ease. So, don’t you think a sanctuary deserves to be decorated with devotion?


Paying attention to details really makes a difference. Take fireplaces as an example. Some companies produce basic fireplaces whose function is to provide heat (at least at some extension), some companies design fireplaces to not only produce heat but also to look nice and stylish. Long are the days of the 20th century when things were produced merely for their function. Nor are we admiring the 18th century when things were made solely to look pretty and decorative. This century is all about functionality and style. A good example of this is a fireplace company called Uunisepät. Uunisepät is superior in engineering but also in design. Their fireplaces are designed for different tastes but they always have a twist in them, like a white stone fireplace called Kuura where there is a place for firewood – beautiful and handy.


When moving to a new home, or finally having the courage to change the temporary done-in-a-hurry decoration, take time to really make your home functional as well as stylish. All this can be done even with a low budget. Have a glance at some interior design magazines and find cheaper alternatives for the more expensive items. One thing, however, that you should not save money on is a fireplace. If you have decided to get one, make sure it has been engineered well and don’t settle for an ugly one – go browse Uunisepät’s website and fall in love.


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  • Posted On June 12, 2012
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