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Funny Facts About Law Enforcement

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Home of the fearless and free, the land of many opportunities and a land abundant in history and values. However, in some ways, natives also find it the land of “what the heck are they thinking”? I’m particularly pointing to Blue Law.

What is Blue Law?

It is a type of law in the United States and previously in Canada to implement religious standard. It is in particular to the day of Sunday where people usually have to rest and worship and should not go out shopping. Some of these laws have been enforced and some are not, just like distribution or buying alcohol on Sunday. It’s firmly forbidden and enforced in many areas.

In this article, we will be enumerating the bizarre and humorous facts about law enforcement in numerous states in the USA. You may not understand these laws, but if in case you have to travel to these states you are aware that they’ve got a funny blue law enforced within the area.


A person who is found putting salt on a railroad track shall be punishable by death.
A person must not ever drive barefooted.


A person who attempts to rob soap all over the place shall wash himself until the soap has been dissolved and all used up in his body.
To all men and women, as soon as they have reached the age of 18, it is illegal to have less than one missing tooth visible when they are smiling. :)


To all the dog owners, your dogs mustn’t bark after 6:00 PM.


Any member of the state assembly shall not be ticketed for over speeding while the state assembly is in an on-going session.
Any person who buys two beers at any given time cannot have them at the same price.


A man with a moustache shall never kiss a lady in public.
And kisses shall be lasting up to no more than 5 minutes.

New York

New Yorkers aren’t permitted to greet the other person by putting one’s thumb onto the nose and wiggling the fingers.
There is a fine of $25 for anyone who is flirting

Someone cannot head outdoors with clothes that do not match.

The author believes that you really find those Blue Laws strange, so now you may think exactly how are those court reporting firms and court reporters work if the case in the court is like this. This isn’t that serious nevertheless it is stated in their law. Every state in America has different views and various laws. Some may allow for abortion; illegal drugs and some will strictly impose never to allow those. Whatever the reasons for these Blue Laws, the author hopes that you find it useful – In the event you decide to visit these states.

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  • Posted On March 20, 2012
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