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Funny News Stories From Around the World

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Nothing beats real life when it comes to hilarity and funny news stories from around the world are proof of it. Even in the doom-and-gloom environment of daily news on print, broadcast and online media, we are likely to find funny stories like the following news.

Laughing in Germany

Who would have thought that laughing in Germany can result in a rescue effort? Apparently, not Roland Hofmann.

An unidentified woman dialled 999, Germany’s equivalent of 911, after she heard apparent screams coming from woodland near Elmstein in western Germany. She thought that somebody was being tortured.

In response, a helicopter rescue team was sent to the woodland only to find a man, Roland Hoffman, laughing his head off at the contents of a new book he was reading. Hoffman was surprised and terrified at the same time when armed police surrounded his vehicle and demanded that he release his hostage!

Yes, indeed, the sound of Germans’ laughter may sound weird, thus, resulting in one of the most hilarious funny news stories to hit the web. Let’s just hope that your laughter will not meet the same fate.

Blackmail on Christmas Day

This story many not make it to the headlines but it is certainly one of the most hilarious funny Christmas stories that can be part of a family’s lore. Little Sam was asking his mom for a new bike on Christmas but she said that it is better to write to Santa Claus instead. But Sammy said that he will write to Jesus, which was just fine with his mom.

Sam wrote three letters but in each one, he was unsatisfied so he went for a walk around the neighbourhood. What ensued next is the stuff of funny news stories had it made it to the news.

He spied a statue of the Virgin Mary in a neighbour’s garden, stole it and proceeded to blackmail the heavens. He wrote, “Dear Jesus, you had better send me a new bike if you want to see your mother again.”

We can mention other funny news stories like the bill sent by a television and radio company to 16th-century mathematician, Adam Ries; and the gardening advice made by the BBC gardening team to a caller about growing cannabis, which they misheard as cabbage because the caller said something about growing Northern Lights, a strain referring to both cannabis and cabbage.

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