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fur Bale The Louis Vuitton Outlet t

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Iconic Monogram Louis Vuitton Purses patent leather strap and case, dial the same color, harmony and unity, and naturalIn other words, luxury is not necessarily the most expensive, expensive things is not necessarily a luxury Song to buy LV Shenzhen Wanxiang City store in the evening of March 7, an orange and blue and white plaid shirt, the price of 8750 yuan, as a birthday gift friendsLV2012 new spring and summer the most popular metal stitching open Maputo shoes (Cap-toe shoes), the most photographed models from which big? Answer is Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton a) The new the Maputo shoes (Cap-toe shoes) with some French casual summer sandals style

It as a code word in a small minority among the elite, for outsiders to carry Guo Jingjing, Zhang Yining, Zhang Ning, Lin Dan, Yang Wei, etc Fashionable Orangemen simply LV control, which ones can not be separated from the LV, I really do not know is not in their eyes, regarded brand name! Star money consumption of natural international gurus is none, David Beckham, C Luo, all of them are brand-name the object of competition! Rich, what can be considered an extravagance? Are fur Bale The Louis Vuitton Outlet top consumer goods tend to be a successful brand, excellent quality, excellent design, and even the historical accumulation of cultural heritage linked to the expensive price is the final factor The only caveat is that Sunday the store is not operating

Product processing, processing technology, but also determines the pros and cons of the product Then the clerk Wang Li shopping place, time and customer information, and Wang Li pointed out that asked the friend to buy about six months ago, the Liberation Monument, and other information she could not providem If insist on and linked to the financial crisis hung on

The source of fake Louis Vitton than some of the continental system of the material is poor, the majority made ??with less plastic material, and the Louis Vuitton glare, smooth surface, concavity is weakerHowever, these aura of luxury in China more than once into a “quality gate” Fabric innovation, research and development process is long, be accepted as the handbag material process more long years, even decades, to achieve a breakthrough Wearing exaggerated hat models like traveling with a group of ladies, with the foot on this LV, Cosmic Voyage


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