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Furnace Repair Service in NJ

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If you have been told that you need a new air conditioner by any other contractor give us a call and we will give you a FREE 2nd OPINION. We’ll go over your entire system step by step and give you a comprehensive report so that you can make and educated decision as to repair or replace your air conditioning system and we’ll do this for FREE. You must be your own advocate when it comes to new heating, free heaters and air conditioners. Learn all you can, save even more every day. Furnace safety and heating system maintenance starts with your phone call to us. We won’t let you down. Call now (973) 970-9030

Comfort Specialists, LLC is a licensed and reputed HVAC company in New Jersey known for their honesty and integrity:

We promise to provide the following services to you:

  1. Free in home estimate
  2. on time service
  3. Written up front quotes before we begin any work
  4. We are licensed in every city we work in
  5. We pull permits for work and installation that requires one

If you have not used anyone before for Furnace Repair Service in NJ, follow these steps to ensure you find a good air conditioning repair company:

  • Acquire referrals from people that you trust. A referral from a trusted friend is an endorsement you can trust.
  • Look at the company’s web site. You can review their work, view some testimonials and maybe be able to find a special coupon!
  • Make sure the air conditioning repair contractor and the technicians are accredited and certified to do the job!
  • Make sure the business has a good reputation with the BBB.
  • Make sure the contractor you are thinking of is properly licensed, insured and their work is guaranteed.
  • Make sure the company you deal with has been in business for several years and is established in the industry.
  • When they arrive at your house, make sure they are driving a van from the company they work for or have identification that they work for that company.

Furnace repair done right the first time:

Call Comfort Specialists, LLC at 973-970-9030 for expert Furnace Repair service in NJ.

Before buying or installing a new home Air Conditioning system, consider the following five AC installation benefits and issues:

1) Advantages of Correct Unit Selection and proper Air Conditioning Installation Procedures – Doing the job right assure better AC performance. Accurate system sizing and installation delivers better home-wide air flow, reduces cooling costs by as much as twenty percent and enables the dehumidification process to operate more effectively.

2) Poor AC Installation Can Result in System Damage – Inefficient system functionality can lead to shorten unit life, excess wear on auxiliary components and unhappy home campers. Reduce system workload: Make sure that your external central air conditioning components are located in a shaded area with unobstructed air flow.

3) Improper A/C Installation Generates Unnecessary Safety Hazards – Oversized air conditioning units generate excessive moisture control issues. This can breed mold, bacteria and other forms of airborne health hazards. Also be sure to check for secure and adequately insulated electrical connections and wiring. Electrical fires can kill entire families.

4) Hold True to Local and National HVAC Installation Codes – When observed as directed, building codes keep people safe. Make sure your local A/C contractor applies current local and national HVAC installation codes in the following areas: Electrical wiring and circuits Ductwork sizing and installation System sizing Structural-related specifics.

5) Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines and Installation Specifications – Efficient system operation involves meeting state requirements, government suggestions and the exacting specifications as set forth by the manufacturer of the air conditioning equipment. If your contractor seems unfamiliar with the selected brand of home cooling equipment, consider calling in someone with a better product understanding.

Closing Pointers

Avoid neighborhood chatter. Seek the advice of trained and licensed air conditioning technicians. Look for A/C service and installation centers that carry an assorted list of brand name products. Go with the FREE estimates, as many as three. Go local.


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