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Gaining that Competitive Edge with an Executive Personal Assistant

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Time management is a key factor to a successful business. Many entrepreneurs and CEOs, both experienced and budding alike, are bound to experience days, weeks, or even years when they will have little time for family or friends. Such a hectic lifestyle often causes a small crack in the executive’s life that can gradually turn into a huge dent over time until he or she is devoid of personal relationships.

Stress and overwork are common problems in the world of business. In truth, overworking is needless sometimes as several studies have shown that the first 40 hours spent at work every week is worth much more to the company than the extra 20 or 30 hours. In addition, working too much will put the body at risk, making it susceptible to a host of detrimental diseases like insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression.

If you belong to the camp of executives who think overall wellbeing and personal relationships are just as valuable as business success, you may want to consider hiring an executive personal assistant. Executive personal assistants are junior employees who assume the role of an executive’s chief-of-staff. These individuals exemplify different characteristics that can do CEOs and managers a world of good like strong work ethic, immutable self-discipline, efficiency in multitasking, and many others.

Executive personal assistants perform a plethora of duties for CEOs and managers. Some of these executive duties are scheduling of day-to-day tasks, replying to correspondence of clients, researching information, preparing documents, and project management. They will surely take the load off your shoulders, catapulting you to a feeling of being on top of the world.

Toronto is Canada’s business center. The city remains viable despite the economic recession that put America on its knees. Implicitly, it means that competition in the corporate world is anyone’s ballgame. Thus, executives should get all the help that they need to gain that competitive advantage. Hiring an executive personal assistant is the surefire way to help you cope with the competition.

Susan Fenner, IAAP’s (International Association of Administrative Professionals) manager of education and professional development suggests CEOs to be meticulous when finding someone for the job. “Look for someone who is strong in the areas you aren’t.” says Fenner. A qualified personal service assistant should mesh well with your traits to establish a harmonious professional relationship.

Business days will always have eventful yet demanding days. Hiring a Toronto personal assistant is the best you can do to get through them. Log on to for tips on fully utilizing your personal assistant services.


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