Gap year abroad is a time off when students take out a break from their hectic schedule of studies and look out for living a vibrant and sensational travel life. Some take it as an opportunity to explore different areas, considering it is a holiday; while others take it as an opportunity for part-time work and indulge in extracurricular activities. For instance, many of them opt to work as volunteers. This is a very exciting time when you will find many local and international travel offers that range in your budget. Many organizations offer discounts, if you plan out as a group. But it’s not so easy in deciding about the place where you would like to visit.

However, if you are looking for the most exciting and adventurous travel, then why not to opt for Africa? Planning for a gap year in africa is a life time experience where you add-on work experience, learn about different culture, make new friends and overall have a great fun. This experience will be cherished by everyone for and can become one of the best memories of your life.

If you are looking for part time work or a social work then here you get an opportunity to explore. There are various orphans and medical centers where you can share your knowledge with small children. You can approach local medical centers in Africa and they will never reject your services. In fact, they can assist wonderfully and if you are interested in teaching you will get an opportunity to explore your talent by sharing your knowledge with small children.

Another important feature of travelling to Africa is that it’s very cost effective continent, when compared to other places. Here you can find various restaurants and hotels that are right within your budget.

Secondly, if you love photography then again Africa is a very good option for a great Gap Year abroad. Here you will find wild life sanctuaries where you can fulfill your dream to be a photographer. You can also hire a guide who will assist you in your whole trip.

If you are here just for visiting purposes, then there are various exciting adventurous things to do. You can go to Victoria Falls, have water rafting, elephant rides, horse riding, fishing, and can also have most famous South – African wines. There are various other wild things that you can explore in Africa!

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