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Garage Door Lockdown: Blocking a Thief’s Vital Way In and Out of the House

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Garage doors today are nifty with their automatic systems that close and open with the push of a button. What if you suddenly find out one day that your garage door doesn’t close? You may be in for a visit from your local burglar.


Garage doors not closing are a common problem among homes where they can be vulnerable to thieves and misfits. If that isn’t enough of a problem, cunning thieves may use technology to crack open your garage door with ease. Even with these technological wonders in these doors, they can still be a burglar’s ticket in and out of the house if you’re not careful. It is for this reason that the following security tips can help you be careful.


Remote in your car: It’s a no-brainer to never leave your garage door remote in your car for the obvious reason. Whether your car is secure or not, if the burglar gets a hold of your remote, he can have a way in and out of the house. If possible, you can invest on remote systems on your keychain that you can carry everywhere.


Manual lock: Some garage doors come with a manual lock system you can use whenever you are going out of town. Just in case the tech-savvy burglar cracks your remote system, he can’t open the door if it’s manually locked. If your garage door doesn’t allow a manual lock, use a C-clamp on the track next to the roller.


Make it sturdy: If the subtle approach fails, the burglar may try to force his way through the door. He will be in for a nasty surprise once he sets off the alarm with his forceful kick or ramming with his car. Still, it pays to reinforce the garage door Utah homes have with solid core wood or steel to reduce the damage done. The thief can force his way in all he wants until police responds to the scene of the crime.


Maintenance a must: If you see something wrong with your garage door, don’t wait until a thief breaks in. Report it as soon as possible to a repairman specializing in garage doors Utah homes have. Check every part of the garage door to see whether or not the system is still doing fine.


To know more about how to protect your home from break-ins by way of garage doors, visit the website at With thieves growing more cunning by the minute, you, too, must be one step ahead. You better check with your garage door Utah homes have after reading this to be on the safe side.



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  • Posted On May 15, 2012
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