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Gay Surrogacy a mean to expand family and enjoy parenting

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Gay surrogacy in India is very popular these days, a number of gay couples visit India every year just with a hope to expand their family with the help of surrogacy and enjoy the joy of parenting. Adoption is also a mean to expand their family but with In-vitro fertilization (IVF) they can expand their family with their own biological child. IVF (In-vitro fertilization) means In-vitro means outside the body and fertilization means joining of the male sperm with the female egg. Now we can easily say that in gay surrogacy sperms and eggs are fertilized outside a women’s body in a test tube and later implanted in a surrogate mother’s womb. In other terms, IVF is a complete process of surrogacy.

In Gay surrogacy two types of surrogacy is involved

1.Traditional Surrogacy- In this process of surrogacy a surrogate is artificially injected with the sperms of either of the prospective gay father or an egg donor. Before injecting the sperms the surrogate mother is given fertility drugs, so that the attempt is successful. These sperms are collected either by masturbation or by extracting it from the scrotum.

2.Gestational surrogacy- In this process of surrogacy the eggs are retrieved from the surrogate mother with the help of IVF technology. Later these eggs are fertilized by either of the gay father or an egg donor and then again implanted into the intended mother’s womb.Some couples importune egg donors from family, friends or anonymously and then locate find a surrogate mother to carry and deliver the baby.

Some couples arrange for the surrogate mothers to donate the eggs as well.For gay couples, surrogacy is like a light of hope to get a much wanted family.Gay Surrogacy India is rooting its feet intensely now a days.

Today being a homosexual person is a very general thing. Homosexuality was legally accepted in India since the year 2002,under the section 399. In homosexuality the couples are mostly men or women and such a case they are unable to give birth to a baby, and can’t even fight with GOD’s rules and regulations. These fertility clinics offer complete surrogacy package to the prospective gay parents. This package includes legal fees, surrogate work up cost, surrogate compensation, doctor fees, drugs and consumables, delivery charges, antenatal care, egg donor, & surrogacy costs as well. They offer best amenities and services such as superior medical credentials, highest success rate records, and warm, flexible and accommodating attitude. Hence, most of the gay couples who desire to have a family go for surrogacy at fertility clinics in India.

India is the first preference for surrogacy process cause of 2 reasons-

1.Cost of surrogacy process is very low as compared to any other western countries.

2.Here in India there are a large number of renowned fertility clinics who are providing surrogacy services to hundreds of couples every year. These fertility clinics are filled with high end amenities that may suit any foreigner couple and most importantly the doctors available here are very well skilled and knowledgeable.

One will be highly surprised to know that all over the world India is the only country with maximum number of successful surrogacy attempts.

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