Gear shaving cutters is a tool used to give a smooth finish to an instrument. It has numerous cutting teeth on its periphery which do the necessary to give a perfect shape to the instrument. Gear Shaving Cutters are considered as the most economical and effective tool for the refinement process in the industry. It not only provides the best surface finish rather does it effectively and precisely.


Types of Gear Shaving Cutters:


1. Transverse shaving cutters- In this method of gear shaving, the gear which is to be shaved reciprocates in the same direction of its own axis. The gear and the tool remain in mesh. With reciprocation a little amount of the radial feeding of the shaving cutter takes place. This method is not considered as a good option for shaving shoulder gears.

2. Diagonal shaving cutters-In this shaving cutter the gear returns obliquely in direction to its own axis. The gear and the tool are made to stay in a mesh. Effort is made to create the diagonal angle and that diagonal angle is attained by positioning the work piece table in an oblique manner. The other process of getting that angle is done by interpolating of the two machine axes.

3. Plunge shaving cutters- It is an important and effective method of cutting gears. In this method, a radial feed takes place, a work piece against the tool that is used as a shaving cutter. Plunge shaving cutters become more effective and useful when it is used for shaving of shoulder gear.

4. Underpass shaving cutters- Underpass shaving and diagonal shaving is almost similar. The slight variation is in the form of a diagonal angle of 90 degrees. The angle generally remains between 40 to 90 degrees.  In underpass shaving, no axial table reciprocation takes place and as a result the work piece reciprocates at right angles to its own axis.

5. Tangential shaving cutters- Tangential shaving cutters carry an angle between 60 to 90 degrees. Here the shaving cutter should be wider than the gear to be shaved properly. In this method, it is also made sure that all the tooth modifications have been made.

The basic intention behind using the gear Shaving Cutters is to provide an excellent finish to the surface of the gear by cutting the gear teeth and making it smooth. Shaving cutters have a lot of advantages and that is the reason why they are so much popular in the tools production industry.


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