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General Information Regarding Our Banking and Project Finance Team

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Our Banking & Project Finance Group assists lenders and borrowers within various financing alternatives. The various loan and other commercial credit facilities we serve range from simple letters of credit to complex multi-jurisdictional credit facilities (secured and unsecured, syndicated and non-syndicated). Some transactions have involved public sector credit facilities.

We have acted as a lender and borrower counsel to facilitate several syndicated credit facilities which have increased capital within the hundreds of millions of dollars. We have amongst our clients, auto parts manufacturers, manufacturing and pipe coating businesses, restaurant franchisees, and big moving and storage businesses. We have assisted borrowers, in businesses as diverse as restaurant franchising and home appliances, in order to secure a wide range of acquisition financing by using sale-leaseback transactions, senior debt, and subordinated and mezzanine lending. Our Banking & Project Finance Team has specific strength within four transactional fields: project finance, asset finance, real estate finance, and subordinated debt and mezzanine financing.

Asset Securitization
Our Banking & Project Finance Team represents both borrowers and lenders in asset-based loans that utilize inventory, receivables, bond obligations, leased equipment, and various other assets as collateral. Amongst our clients are a technology business, a video game distributor, and various other businesses with complicated needs for cross-border security and guarantees. We serve borrower clients who have sales and manufacturing operations within the United States, Canada and abroad.

Our team of litigators has accumulated numerous years of experience documenting the needed covenants for reserves, reporting and cash management. We also represent lots of borrowers on asset-based loans that are made by nearly all major market lenders.

Project Finance
Our office has knowledge navigating the difficulties of regulatory, legal and financial problems included in the financing of large projects, like the structure of power plants, pulp mills, industrial facilities, mines, other capital-intensive building projects and real estate developments. For such complex structures, we provide project finance assistance to both lenders and borrowers. On the lender side, our skill consists of advising about construction financing and subsequent sale of a hydroelectric facility. We also represent pension fund managers as lenders in first mortgage project financing for the construction of commercial real estate projects.

Real Estate Finance
Due to the good working relationships our lawyers have with all major financial institutions, we have numerous years of success helping with construction finance and commercial mortgage involving real estate acquisition and development. We advise clients on loan structures. We can settle and negotiate financing documents from both the lender’s and borrower’s perspectives. The handling of environmental due diligence is part of closing and documenting such financing transactions. In situations of foreclosure or default, our goal is to be able to help lenders maximize debt recovery by recommending about security enforcement alternatives and mortgage solutions.

Subordinated Debt and Mezzanine Financing
Our Banking & Project Finance lawyers are experienced at helping entrepreneurial and mid-market businesses pursue options for financing which occupy the wide capital market range between senior debt and common equity. Normally these transactions allow our clients to bridge the gap between equity and senior debt financing to seek out acquisitions and different opportunities. With our assistance, lenders can secure the return and control they require whilst borrowers are allowed to acquire the resources they need for growth. As we negotiate the priorities and subordination agreements among the various classes of creditors, we can structure the financing package for the notes or debentures to involve convertible preferred shares, equity shares, and sale-leaseback arrangements.

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