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Get Labia Minora Surgery – Boost Your Self Confidence

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No two women are built precisely identical and many women are not satisfied with the contour and /or dimension of the labia minora (which are the inner vaginal lips). In a lot of cases women have elongated labia minora or they may be rough or too outsized and cause troubles while doing definite activities as well as wearing tighter fitting apparels. For many women, large labia minora can be a cause of embarrassment and awkwardness and can even direct to setbacks in a woman’s sexual life. For women with this trouble, the labia minora often stick outward and over the labia majora (which are the outer lips of the vagina).

Extended labia minora is a situation that is medically referred to as labial hypertrophy. The labia minora surgery process of labial reduction goes by additional names as well. Sometimes it is referred to as labiaplasty, labia reduction, labial contouring, labia minora reduction, female genital surgery and labial reshaping. This is predominantly an apprehension for young women who are often humiliated and feel that they are uncharacteristic looking and this can lead to high insecurity and be deficient in of self-esteem when it comes to having a vigorous and satisfying sex life.

Labia minora surgery is comparatively new but is becoming more and more demanded in plastic surgeons offices all over the country. Labia minora that are unusually enlarged can be a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal transforms and array of sports. In some cases, a woman is essentially born with big labia minora.

Labia minora surgery Sydney if done by a proficient and competent plastic surgeon leaves no apparent scar. Healing in general occurs rapidly and shows marvelous enhancement in about two weeks time. This kind of surgery effects in labia minora that are slender and sleeker and are more contented when it comes to the outfits a woman wears and the activities she appoints. Most women who have this surgery are extremely pleased with the latest and improved contour and size of the labial lips.

It is essential to note that labia minora surgery in Sydney does not mean that the widened labia are cut off all together. In fact that is not the case. Instead, during this surgery the labia are reshaped, contoured and then reduced in size with as slight cutting as possible. No noticeable scar is left apparent on the outer rim, which also cuts down on potential complications and the level of uneasiness the patient experiences. The labia are then left with the natural pigmentation it had before the surgery. This leaves the labia minora with the youthful look that was there before the surgery was executed. Once sexual intercourse begins, again after the surgery it is not expected that a partner will be able to become aware of the fact that the woman ever had labia minora surgery at all. If you considering Labiaplasty in Sydney, come and visit Dr Barnouti, Best plastic surgeon in Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta NSW Australia.


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