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Get the Best Deal When Purchasing Ds2100b Phones

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When buying a standard phone for your business or home, go for the Samsung Ds2100b. It is an elegant piece of equipment yet cost effective. The platinum dealers deliver it complete with a manual and in the preferred color. The manual of the Ds2100b is also available online for easy references such as the speed dial function.

The Samsung Ds2100b is a delight because it has additional buttons for volume up and down and speaker phone. There is a multifunctional feature that lets you know the phone status especially when it is in mute mode. It will flash differently when busy, when on call and when on speaker mode. There is a port for phone jacks in the event they are needed.

The other functions are dial tones and a tone that notifies the user that he has not placed the head on the hook correctly. Then of course there is the busy tone. The Ds2100b can receive discounts if it is bought in bulk for your organisation. It may be purchased for an already existing telephone system as expansion and it can be used as an extension. The earlier mentioned speed dial can be for an extension too.

Samsung’s Ds2100b is flawlessly integrated within a network that has Samsung telephone system. This works very well for call programming purposes and for the branding or uniformity of the telephone system. Purchasing it from a platinum dealer will mean warranty and the best prices. It will be subject to any annual agreements drafted with the installer.

Ds2100b is linked to the PABX via a switchboard console or directly. Ds2100b can also be used as a stand alone or with other sets at home in different rooms. To avoid eavesdropping one can turn up the volume and will notice feedback. The phones can use the standard codes by a carrier to lock the phone from outgoing calls. It can also be used to configure voice messaging with the carrier. The light bulb will show whenever there are messages.

Ds2100b may also be purely used in a private network and be assigned a private number. Its memory will recall the last dialled number. In a public network, it can be used to call emergency numbers or the operator for information like the local time. A reverse call may also be requested. One can easily carry around the Ds2100b as it is light weighted. Its spiral cable is also reasonably long.

It would be appropriate to use the Ds2100b at lounges and aisles for guests. Some people prefer simple sets like the Ds2100b for the basement or for connection with a trace device. Since such devices already have their LCD displays, the Ds2100b will do just fine. It is cost effective but quality. It may also be connected with adapters for wireless carriers.

Essentially, it does not give the user enough to assess the whole network and it doesn’t have a long call log. This makes it safe for use by outsiders. The advantage of working with the Ds2100b is that the Samsung brand that can be referred to through the website. Thus anything from specifications to new releases can be checked out.

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