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Get the Cheapest Air Tickets to India – A Few Tips

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India is a very popular travel destination. But airline tickets to India are exactly very cheap. But if you know how to look, getting cheap air tickets for India is not very difficult either. This article will give you some great tips for getting the cheap air tickets for your Indian trip.

India is a very popular travel destination, as it has something for everyone. But air tickets to India are not cheap either, precisely because there are so many people going to India. While India is not exactly a very expensive place to stay and travel in, for most tourist from developed countries, saving money on your air tickets for India will help you budget your travel expenses more effectively. If you are completely clueless about how to go about finding the cheapest air tickets for your Indian trip, don’t worry. We have a few invaluable points below.

Search for air tickets to India online

The Internet is your biggest friend when it comes to looking for affordable travel deals, airline tickets are no different. Check out the websites of various travel agents, travel portals and even airline companies. All of these offer very good discounts, so you can get fairly cheap air tickets for India through these. However, you should compare prices across different agencies and websites before you decide to buy your ticket. Remember to compare these for several different dates. Speaking of dates, look at the next point to see when you should your book your flight to India.

Try to fly to India on weekdays

This is so obvious that it should not really need to be said. But there are many people who still want to fly only on the weekends. But since flights are busy during weekends, tickets for weekend flights are also quite expensive. So it makes more economical sense to fly mid week, on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, as these are usually the cheapest days for flying. The time of the day that you book your flights for will also affect ticket rates. Late night flights are often the cheapest. So the cheapest air tickets to India will usually be those available late at nights, on weekdays.

Go to India during the off season

Peak holiday season in India is usually supposed to be during the cooler dry months, October to March, when foreign tourists typically find it easier to handle the temperatures. But if you can schedule your trip a little earlier or later than this period, you could still be comfortable, and get to pay less for air tickets to India. So be a bit flexible about timing your trip. You will still get to see many sights and places in India, even during the off-season, so you will have a full trip.

Book your tickets for India in advance; then keep looking

As soon as you find a reasonably cheap ticket, book it. Then, keep looking for other great deals, even as you prepare for your trip. You could run across better deals at any moment. You don’t have to be logged on to the Internet all the time; just ask a good agent to look out for cheaper tickets than the ones you have booked.

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