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Get The Latest Features With Range of Hero GoPro Camera

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For every go getter, for every professional that loves outdoor shooting and for sports lovers- there is good news in bulk and packages. There is a lot of cumbersome detailing involved in shooting outdoor.

Imagine you are photo shooting a motor bike sport. It is raining really hard and your camera is heavy. What are the odds you would face in shooting the event?

• Your camera lens is not waterproof.

• You have a waterproof camera but is too heavy to carry in slashing rain.

• You have a waterproof camera, light weight but cannot shoot in low light.

• Your camera has all the latest amenities yet the tracks are too slippery for you to pillion ride.

• Your latest best camera has everything set but you do not find someone who could shoot it for you.

Well, there are many more hindrances that can loom up in managing an outdoor motorsport shoot. But, there is some relief introduced by the researching lens technicians who have brought some hurdles down. And that gives you GoPro in your driving and shooting escapade around Australia.

GoPro Australia could not be a slogan or a visual caption to get you proactive in picturing and motor biking. However, for the on-boarding experience; setting a Hero GoPro camera strapped on your helmet or body is ideal. These cameras come with unique and out-of-the-range features in outdoor shooting.

The essential features of Hero GoPro Cameras with their versatile imaging techniques are:

• Cameras that can be mounted on the helmet- there are two different helmet models of the GoPro Cameras viz., HD Helmet Hero and HD Helmet Hero 2.

• Cameras specially designed for motorsports- now shoots in 1080p HD video in full, medium and narrow fields of view and 11PM photos per second.

• GoPro HD Hero 2 Surf Edition- comes in waterproof and is specifically designed for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

• Cameras that are stripped down version as GoPro HD Hero Naked Edition- a special kit that allows you to create your choice of mount packages from the GoPro Mounts (helmet, motorsports and surf) available.

Each of these mounting cameras is specifically designed keeping the activity in mind. Their applications are innumerable. They also come with mounting accessories specified for the minute activity coverage. Moreover, they have been specially made keeping the fast, rough, water-slippery tracks in mind.

So, be it the general outdoor shoot for a magazine cover-page, or tracking serious sports activity or even for recording the self improvement tracking records of your passionate sport, the gadget is fit to satisfy all your needs.

Go surfing with the strapped surf edition camera and capture the unknown water world. Get into fast track racing on your motorbike with either the helmet edition of the GoPro Hero Camera or the naked body edition. Enjoy your snowboarding with your Hero outdoor edition of cameras shooting yourself and your sport simultaneously.

This new range of sport capturing fun is a new language in fast track image capturing.



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