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Get To Know The Mountain Before You Begin Your Base Camp Everest Trek

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Mount Everest is the most popular tourist attraction in Nepal. People from across the globe flock the country to get a glimpse of the tallest peak in the world.  Some of them are experienced mount climbers while some are novices. Then there are some who do not know climbing but they still want to see this magnificent snowy mountain. For this, they are even willing to pay a high price as much as $20,000 per person to get permission by the state to climb the mountain. Thus, Mt. Everest as a tourist attraction generates significant revenue for Nepal. It represents nature’s awe inspiring and unconquerable strength and grandeur.

But many of these people who pay thousands of dollars for trekking to base camp Everest are unaware of some every interesting facts about the mountain and its history. There are many fascinating aspects of the mountain that will surely astound you and will make you understand the true majesty of the base camp Everest trek that you are about to undertake.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth rising up to 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level. It is located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas with the international border between China and Nepal running across the precise summit point. It is known by various other names in the native languages, the most popular of them being Sagarmatha (which means Goddess of the sky) and Chomolungma (which means mother Goddess of the Universe). However, its English name was chosen in honor of the great Sir George Everest – the surveyor general of India.

One interesting fact about Mount Everest is that when measured from the base, Mount Everest is not the only tallest mountain on earth. In fact, there are many other mountains that are actually taller than it. Mauna Kea in Hawaii tops this list. However, the only thing that keeps Mauna Kea from being the tallest mountain (10,200 meters from base) is its height above sea level which is only 4,205 meter compared to 8,848 meters of Mt. Everest.

The first person to successfully trek base camp Everest and set foot on its summit was Sir Edmund Hillary. It was on 29th May, 1953 at 11:30 am that Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay actually made it to the top of the world. However, the fact is that Hillary was not the only person who attempted to climb this mountain, before him George HL Mallory also made an unsuccessful attempt to climb the mountain and his body was found frozen on the mountain in the late 1990′s. This fact goes to show just how challenging and trying Everest base camp trekking can be and the kind of mental preparedness that one should have to endure what all will come your way.

Another interesting fact that most trekkers do not know is that Mount Everest is the home to black spiders. At an altitude where even the survival of human beings is difficult a number of black spiders have been found who survive on dead insects that are blown their way by wind. Now that is a truly extraordinary feat!

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Paul is an avid adventure enthusiast who runs an organization called Private Himalaya. With his company, he offers trekking opportunities and bespoke hiking packages to those wishing to trek in the Himalayas, especially those hoping to complete the famous Everest Base camp trek.


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