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Getting an Engagement Ring for Your Woman

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She means the world to you. She is the prettiest, wittiest, and most loving person you have ever met. You can still remember the first moment you laid your eyes on her. She undeniably captured your heart the time you saw her in one of your friend’s house parties. She is blonde and blue-eyed with sexy, pouting lips that will surely make every man weak to the knees. And in that magical moment, when she turned to your direction to introduce herself, both of you realised that you are meant for each other.

After five years of being in love, you have finally made up your mind to ask for her hand in marriage. Within those years of tears and laughter, you realised that it has to be her. Well, you are the kind of man who is ready to raise a family since you have a good job, a jaw-dropping savings account, and a well-founded maturity. But before you propose to the woman of your dreams, you must first look for a love band that you have to present to her once you pop out the biggest question. But remember that her approval depends on a lot of things, like engagement ring styles; thus, select the said finger jewellery properly. Below are some factors you have to consider while searching and shopping for the hand ornament.

This is the first factor you should take into account. See to it that you determine your budget, and stick to it no matter what. It would be helpful that you set aside a specific amount so that you will not be tempted to overspend. Remember that there are still other urgent and important matters that you have to attend to, like personal bills, credit card payables and eventually, the wedding—that is if you get a “yes” for an answer.

There are four C’s in purchasing an engagement ring: colour, cut, carat, and design. Another thing you must decide on is the metal of the accessory. Although diamonds are irresistible, you might also consider gold, silver, or gemstone-studded pieces. Again, refer back to your budget for this aspect.

Well, it pays to know what your girlfriend likes. She might have mentioned her tastes to you before, so recall those times. You might want to ask her family and friends for hints, but this method is dangerous since you might be found out. But if it cannot be helped, then just trust your instincts.

May you find the information above helpful for your plans. Good luck!


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  • Posted On June 20, 2012
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