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Getting to Know More about Green Amber Jewelry

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As one of the beautiful, stunning, and exotic precious stone, amber has been there in the market for quite long. Since the historical ages, this unique stone has found application in numerous jewelry making processes, thus carving a distinctive niche for itself. If you perform research on the various types and varieties of amber stones, you will come across quite a few amazing options.

From the magnificent blue ones to the majestic Green amber, jewelry designers will never face a dearth of options when it comes to choosing amber. While the other varieties represent style, beauty, fashion, and appeal, it is the green-colored amber making an incredible fashion statement. Whether it’s a special occasion, social gatherings, or prestigious events, green-colored amber jewelry can make the wearer look drop-dead-gorgeous!

You must be super excited to purchase the green-hued amber. Before doing so, here’s all that you need to know about this precious stone.

The origin

Excavated from the mines of Dominican Republic, Green amber exudes breathtaking beauty, style, and fashion in a never-seen-before manner. Seal the deal with the leading suppliers in the market, and they will offer you 100% genuine products. Amber stones excavated from the lush green islands of Dominican Republic are unique. Since the mines are located in the lap of Mother Nature, these stones have an earthly and natural appearance.

Apart from the Baltic regions and the Dominican Republic, green-colored amber originates from several other places too. Some of these areas include:

  • South America
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Brazil
  • Guatemala
  • Venezuela

Amber found in this countries have a unique name. They are also known as Green Caribbean Amber.

Checking the hue

While buying this type of Amber, you will need to check the color of the stone. If it’s the original and genuine variety, green-amber stones have light greenish to dark greenish shades. The light-colored stones are clear and transparent whereas the dark ones have an opaque appearance.

As a semi-precious stone, amber is quite old. Its origin dates back to the pre-historic era, and green-hued amber is nearly 3 to 4 million years of age.

The characteristic traits

While planning to purchase the green-colored amber, buyers must develop crystal clear ideas of its characteristics. Jewelry designers or purchasers must know that amber hardens naturally. However, the Caribbean variety has a soft texture. After undergoing hardening treatments, this amber stone develops a hard and stable form thus beautifying every piece of jewelry it is used in.

You should always plan your purchases with the leading suppliers, as they will offer 100% authentic and genuine amber stones.

Options to look for

A stunning necklace made from magnificent pieces of green-amber will undoubtedly complement your look and appearance. Some of the top jewelers in the market design exclusive green amber jewelry, which adds to your beauty and fashion statement.

On the other end, jewelry designers can also purchase the Dominican green, red-green, and other types of amber stones. All they need to look for is the grade, quality, appearance, luster, and price of these stones.


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