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Getting Your Garden Handled By A Landscape Designer

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Saying that the Lone Star State is a dry, arid place isn’t exactly on the moolah; that attribute would go to the western 1/2 of the state. The eastern part, where important urban centers such as Dallas and Austin can be discovered, is more on the damp side. In fact, the eastern 1/2 of Texas is rich with the, as Tom Jones would say, “green, green grass of home.”

Still, Texas can get hot during certain months of the year, this means bad news for your grass if you don’t water it regularly. It’s likely a given that you don’t want dry grass as decorations for your tiny garden. Nonetheless, dry grass could be the least of your problems as, like man, grass can be impacted by a range of nasty, harmful stuff. Here are a few lawn diseases you need to treat ASAP.

Gray snow mold

As the title indicates, gray snow mold can reach your backyard in the cool months, especially during very long stretches of snow cover. This is described as white patches on your garden and is the effect of being contaminated with either of 2 Typhula fungi: T. incarnata and T. ishikarinesis. Simply put, whitened grass isn’t really appealing when the majority of the garden is green.

Richard Latin, professor of plant pathology in Purdue University, suggests mowing your lawn to take care of gray snow mold. By mowing the garden, you can limit the spot in which the fungi can hit. Fungicides may also be applied to the garden ahead of snowfall, but Latin says this isn’t highly recommended for property lawns.

Dry patches in lawns

As earlier mentioned, Texas and its cities like Katy could get pretty hot in particular months. As Katy landscaping requires the grass to be healthy and green, problems such as dry patches ruin the general look. Dry patches surface when parts of the soil out of the blue become immune to water, resulting in the grass above it to dry up. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends cultivating the soil to let more air and water in.

Fairy rings

Also known as pixie rings, fairy rings are dark circles on the lawn that offer a cold location for fungi to prosper. Fairy rings are generally together with the increase of organic mushrooms feeding on any deceased organic matter beneath the grass. Experts on landscaping Katy TX locals depend on suggest taking out the expended matter as well as proper watering and grass cutting.

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