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You have probably seen the claims that you can buy quality articles ghost written for as little as $3-5. I have checked many sources, and I haven’t found any articles worth publishing at those prices. Quality content is more easily found on quality content article databases. You would be far better off choosing among the best you can get there. It would involve paying proper tribute with a backlink, but you will at least get the following benefits:
Correct grammar
Correct spelling
Better content
Articles free from traces of PLR
Articles that you can use for SEO
Let’s look at these factors so you can avoid falling for the idea that either PLR or cheap articles could work for your site.
Correct Spelling and Grammar
There is no way around the fact that correct spelling and grammar is important for articles to appear credible. You can’t be an expert if you can’t use the language properly. If, on the other hand, you do have problems with writing, you might want to consider doing videocasts or podcasts in your special niche. An expert is known by quality content, and that content need not only be in writing, but could just as well be videos or interviews where you expound on your special area of expertise.
Better Quality of Content
Mastery of the english language is important, but so is the content. If you are going to publish sub-standard content, you are aiming at a goal that lies far lower than if you were really trying to share something worthwhile with your audience.
Content should drive traffic to your sites, and the only way to do that is by delivering top-notch quality to those reading your materials. If a ghost writer is as bad at writing as you might be since you are willing to pay others to do what you could do yourself if you had the necessary abilities, what would you be achieving? My bid is you are throwing money out the window by accepting sub-standard material.
Articles Free From Traces of PLR
Private Label Rights suck! There is no getting around this fact. Even well-known IM gurus have tried to sell packages where they claimed theirs was “unique”. I can assure you that none of what I have seen – and I have seen a lot! :-) – was in any way worth publishing.
I may be a critical customer in that regard, but if I am ever going to pay anything for another person’s articles that person should at least write better than me. If he (or she) can’t do that, they don’t deserve being paid for something I can easily do myself.
Articles That You Can Use for SEO
Dripping good content to your blog can increase you score in search engines, so quality articles can be excellent if they supplement content you write yourself. But do ensure it is quality content so it supplements in a quality-oriented way.
In Conclusion
I think this article has proved to you that there is no shortcut to quality. When you want to build quality virtual real estate through your blog, you should only accept the very best.

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