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Ginseng Roots – One Name And Thousands Benefits

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Ginseng roots are called wonder medicines widely as they have numerous health benefits. Ginseng is found in many varieties and usage are also broad, this is one of the eleven species of slow growing perennial plants with fleshy roots and these roots are used for medicinal purpose to treat many diseases and enhance general health. Basically belonging to the Panax family, ginseng is found in different forms basis on the habitat of regions and countries. Earlier, ginseng was considered to be a very effective medicine for improving sexual health but with the time, it is being cultivated commercially for using in different treatments. There are many names of ginseng that can get you confused, let us discuss about the most famous and widely used types of ginseng and their particular benefits.


Ginseng is mainly found in North America and Eastern Asia; types of ginseng basis on the origin are as following -


American Ginseng - The forked roots and leaves of American ginseng are used to treat sexual performance, fatigue, weakness, cellular health and so on. American ginseng is widely grown and sold in regions namely New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario and so on. Over the years, very exhaustive harvesting due to American ginseng benefits has been done and owing to this, ginseng is going as a rare species gradually.


Indian Ginseng – Indian ginseng is also called Ashwagandha. Indian ginseng is used as treatment in arthritis, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, asthma etc. This has strong neuroprotective effects and improves cognition. It is a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent to improve stomach health.


Siberian Ginseng – This type of ginseng also belongs to the same family and possesses similar qualities. It is also called gisens in some areas. It is specially known for giving strength to fight metabolic stress; it also boosts the immune systems to efficiently fight with common health problems.


Red Ginseng - This type of ginseng is being used for so many decades now. It is traditionally used as an important ingredient in many Chinese medicines. It is grown and processed to make medicines used in metabolic diseases. It is also found to have some rare cancer fighting qualities in it.


Some other types of ginseng are Brazilian ginseng, white ginseng, wild ginseng and so on. The use of ginseng varies, while you can use them in tea and other beverages, they are also taken in form of pills, tablets and capsules. You can order ginseng products to use as per your suitability.


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