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Golf Shape

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Lowering your golf score is extremely challenging and is one of the main reasons people quit golf so quickly. It takes a lot of effort, time and most importantly, patience. Considering golf is a leisure activity for many people, it can be annoying to suck at it when you are just trying to go out on the course for some fun and relaxation. Most people do not want to go out and spend money on a golf trainer to help them work on their swing, and this is perfectly understandable, but if you are looking to get a great swing to lower your score, you better be willing to put in the time to practice or it is not going to happen.

To lower your score you need to work on being able to consistently produce the same swing over and over again. Most rookie or just bad golfers have a slightly different swing every time they hit the ball, this is going to produce very inconsistent results. You may hit a few great shots here and there and then shank a bunch in a row and wonder why you are always hitting the ball as well as you did on those few nice ones. Well basically it is because you got lucky on the good shots. You need to learn how to produce the same swing every time you strike the ball.

Getting in shape is a huge part of being able to swing the club the right way consistently. 18 holes is a long day so if you are not in shape you are going to get tired and this is going to cause your swing to change. Working out your core muscles is vital to producing a great swing throughout all eighteen holes, because these muscles are essential to a great swing. Golf may be a relaxing sport, but it requires flexibility, coordination, strength, timing and maybe the most important, balance. A balanced swing is a good swing, if you can not hold you follow through until the ball lands, you do not have enough control over your body to consistently hit the ball correctly.

So before you go out and buy new clubs or spend money on a trainer, ask yourself if you are in the right shape to hit the ball straight for eighteen holes. If you aren’t and don’t want to get in that kind of shape, then that’s fine, just make sure you are okay with only being a mediocre golfer. If you want to get better then start working out, specifically on your balance and core muscles. Exercise balls are great for golfers, get some weights and sit on a ball, this will work out your arms and your core. Do sit ups during commercials of your favorite tv shows. Try to run a couple miles a day. These are just simple things anyone can do to help get in shape. So remember, do not spend any money trying to fix your game before you fix your body.

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  • Posted On February 16, 2012
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