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Gone through a colorful season, enriched summer day, the breeze was blowin

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Summer US skirt quarter review
Instant autumn, had feeling again Time flies Time flies. Gone through a colorful season, enriched summer day, the breeze was blowing, with the review of the summer who like summer blooming beautiful dress.
01 is not like a chiffon blouse and Baoshen skirt with it, in fact, it is dressed in a convenient and popular ONE PIECE models oh. Longitudinal folds of chiffon, hanging along the very strong sense. Baoshen skirt just over the buttocks, legs look slender. Three-dimensional roses dotted skirt, charming self-evident.
02 lace and chiffon stitching, the women’s soft, pro, charming, sweet package brings together around the
karen millen online opposite sex were all fascinated. Narrow white ribbon girdle, the Department of rain, a small waist. Fluffy multi-layered skirt, waist slimmer.
03 elegant gray tone, appointments are appropriate, PARTY. Retro doll round neck, Shu Wen fold placket, wood ear trim everywhere with the extravagance of the French court of the last century. Exaggerated stacked crisp lotus leaf sleeves, a very modern sense.
04 clothing and building, in fact, has the same purpose, structure, color, material, there are many clothing and building a common element. This dress, put clothing like like building construction, the skirt and chest arched, turndown cuffs, extremely clever decoration.
05 soft beige with karen millen warm orange separation has a unique affinity, even though large tracts of lace, many lace, was also not significantly tacky cumbersome. Small round neck vest models, sweet girl temperament.
06 loose black and white stripes, such as the elegant black and white keys, playing melodies and varied. Short-sleeve design, convenient manner, but also will be slightly thick arms secretly to hide. Black cascading karen millen dresses tutu, to Chende legs slender. Around his waist with a thin chain belt, graceful slender naturally can not be buried.
07 pale gray-blue, lonely and cold, the kind can be a distance not fondle the distinguished qualities. Hollow flower mosaic of the deep V-neck, square face and a round face, the MM may wish to try, it can inadvertently lengthen the face, oh. The texture of a flower lace girdle, high above, highlighting the slender lower body.


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