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Good Fences Making Good Neighbors

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
That old saying is true about good fences make good neighbors. Fences can separate people who live close to one another, and fences can also keep unwanted creatures out of your yard like wild coyotes or wild dogs. Fences are a vital part of your yard, so you want to make sure you put one in right so it adds both beauty and protection. Are you thinking about installing a fence? Here are some tips on putting in that new fence.
Tools: Whether you are going to put in a fence or repair fence, you need the right tools. You are going to need things like a post hole digger, a saw, gloves, concrete, and nails. Gather everything up that you will need and it’s now time to head out into the yard.
Fence post spacing: The fence will be out in the open, so it’s important that you figure out how far apart the fence posts need to be. This will also be different depending on what kind of post you are about to put into the ground. To help determine how far apart you should space the posts, you might want to hammer in some small stakes. The best spacing between posts is about four to six feet, but again it depends on the kind of fence you’re putting up.
Putting in the fence posts: When putting in the posts for a new fence or if you are doing some repair fence, be sure you bury them about one third of the way into the ground. Remember, your fence is outside and in the weather. The worst culprit to mess up your fence is going to be the wind. You have to be sure the posts are buried deep enough that the wind won’t affect them.
Fence posts packing: Now that you have your post in the ground, you are going to need to pack it with something other than dirt. The best fence post packing material is concrete. Make sure your hole is deep enough, then put in some gravel at the bottom of the hole, then be sure its standing perfectly straight before you start pouring in the concrete. The post has to be held in place until the concrete sets. Once the post is in the ground, and the concrete is dry you can begin putting the rails. The toughest part of your fence is now, and now the rest of the installing the fence is easy!
Putting a fence around your yard is an important thing to do; you just need to do things in the right order. Once you decide the right fence for your hard, you just need to follow a few steps and before you know it your fence will be done, and your yard will look great!


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  • Posted On August 18, 2012
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