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Good Way to Make Money in RuneScape

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  If you familiar with these money-earn methods of RuneScape shared and sorted by players, make money in the game to be not difficult. My view on earn money in RuneScape is this:

  1. The most profitable skills is RUNECRAFTING, which just need one membership number. . . Light digging RUNE ESSE, and then split on the line is ok. (Note that beyond BODY RUNE to split with PURE RUNE).

  The magic in the game only could be created by intermediate members. Among which CHOAS (mid-level attack magic necessary) and LAWS (transmission necessary) is always well selling. DEATH is only need by the advanced magic and market of free players is small.

  2. The second money skills are to make the bow and arrow. At the same time, all free players cannot do this, and it is also a proprietary skill of members. It is will be very easy to sell out as long as your price is lower than the store.

  3. The third method to earn money is to stain weapons and armor shield, this requires players themselves obtain a certain familiarity and skills to the game. A variety of stained armor is cost millions. The most happiest for members is that, dyeing tasks only need to do armor, ancillary stuff (helmets, shields, shin guards) can be bought in the sub shop, which price is one tenth of the price of non-member areas.

  The other skills can make money, but the bid of buy markets and leveling the amount of time is not very cost-effective.

  With a joke saying, the best way of the free players to make money is to do behalf for member players. Or to help the member players to run errands, basically you can don’t need to worry about the money.

  I have visited the official website, and my own views is that firstly, one should training level and then apply for membership, get well in a month or two, and then apply for termination of membership. Pay attention that you must to certain free members can use them or it is wasted.

  Gamers are basically students, who are very honest and easy to deal with. . . . . . I had lost a lot in other games, so I think the player’s relationship to make you feel very comfortable.

  As a free player, I have two numbers, first one is basically for each skills training (skill 635), the latter is basically designed to practice the PK and self-sufficiency (total skill of 628), and other skills are few practiced.

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  • Posted On June 27, 2012
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