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Got a Fake Degree, Got a Real Girl

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You go out with your mates to a pub on a Saturday night out binge, and you come across a beautiful woman and you end having a chat. You learn that this female in a senior consultant in an automobile company, and boy; you are just one ordinary guy who works at the Mall. Your conversation goes all well until she asks you what you do. Well, you are sure that this young woman will ask you out during the week, but you are indecisive that she might snub you since you have stumpy career.

All you need is a little confidence and solid attitude which will help you win this damsel heart. Go ahead and tell her that you work at the mall as a part timer to make up for your apartment rent and impress her by saying you are a Graphic Designer.

Well that is it then, once you have this bird in your bag it’s time for you to use the internet and look out for websites where you can buy a diploma online.

It is as easy to buy an online degree just it is easy buying a martini or buying a camera from eBay. You just need to do bit of research and little money is all you need to get yourself a desired fake degree from the internet. It is true that woman likes to hang around with men who have thriving career and now you can impress you woman too once you buy an online degree.

It will take less than a week or two for your fake degree mailed to you at your residence. Once you have it you can place it strategically in you’re sitting room where it is visible. So you invite your girl for dinner and you are drinking fine red wine, your attractive woman might just pip into your online degree.

If you run out of stories you can just say you do not like to talk much about your work or career and just impress you woman by telling her how lovely she fabulous great in her red dress. Maybe you can tell her that you want to take her out on Saturday to watch a football game or you would like to go out camping with her. And there you go. You have just bagged yourself a girl and a fake degrees.


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  • Posted On March 25, 2012
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