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Great Buys: Books, Groceries, and DVDs Online

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In 2011, more than 80% of U.S. Internet users completed at least one purchase online. In the span of just a few years, shopping online has moved from a novelty to a way of life. Today, you can purchase anything you want online – even dinner from your favorite sandwich shop down the street. Have you ever wondered if your online shopping habits were like those of other people? The list of top online purchases includes items you’d expect, such as books and DVDs, as well as unexpected items and products. In no particular order, here’s a list of the top seven items people buy online.


No one should be surprised to find books on the list of most purchased online products. After all, the biggest online marketplace in the world started out as a virtual bookstore. Today, Amazon sells just about anything you can imagine and is the single biggest online retailer in the world. From current bestsellers to out of print classics, you can find nearly any book you can name at one of the many online sites devoted to selling books.

DVD Films and Music

Despite streaming online media, most people still like to own their favorite films and music on physical DVDs. While people love the convenience of downloading their favorite tunes at various music services, they still want the DVD, especially if it includes special content, like live concert footage and interviews.


Groceries online? Absolutely! From the weekly shopping list to gourmet goodies, Internet users buy millions of dollars’ worth of groceries from online merchants. You can order anything from fresh seafood to your favorite coffees from thousands of online shopping sites.


Clothing is a perennial favorite shopping item, but it actually ranks rather low on the top ten online shopping list, possibly because people still like to try on apparel before they buy it. The two major exceptions to the trend are T-shirts and shoes, which always sell briskly. Design-your-own T-shirt sites do a brisk business, though any T-shirt with a clever saying is a candidate for the top seller list.


Many people turn to the Internet to purchase jewelry, especially personalized and handmade jewelry that they can’t find in their neighborhood stores. Watches, earrings and body jewelry are especially popular online. While many people seek out auction sites to find antique jewelry and cheap jewelry deals, most purchase their jewelry new from specialty websites.

Vitamins and Nutrition Supplements

Health and alternative health products are high on the list of things people purchase online. In large part, this is because you can find tremendous bargains via webstores. Vitamins, supplements, weight loss aids, and other nutrition products are a multi-billion dollar a year business, with much of the business being conducted online.


While computers and computer accessories are actually number one on the list of items people purchase online, they’re not the only electronics that make the online shopping list. Amazon’s Kindle reader holds the honor of being Amazon’s best-selling product of all time, coming out far ahead of even the best-selling books and DVD offerings on the site.

That’s the list, though it’s far from a complete. From books to vacations, you can buy almost anything at all, conveniently and affordably. How do your shopping habits fit in with the typical online shopper?

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the world’s MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.

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