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Great contributions you must learn brought about by iphone

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According to an analysis of articles published by eWeek Web site that Apple’s iPhone is now five years old. In the past five years, the iPhone has significantly changed the experience of consumers and business users of smart phones. The iPhone has also forced the entire mobile phone industry to rethink the need to produce high quality smartphone. The following is a major contribution to the iPhone for five years to bring to the user and the mobile industry.

(1) A new touch-screen world

Before the iphone, there are little devices equipped with touch screen. However, these touch screen is the lack of response speed and overall quality of the Apple iPhone. Since the iPhone appears, touch screen to continue to improve. We have to thank Apple.

(2)Change of business ideas

Even after the iPhone launch, a period of time, IT decision-makers that they would never put the introduction of the Apple products to the office. However, for enterprise functionality, the iPhone helped change this situation. Now, IT staff are bring the iPhone and the Mac into their office. One way they can use them to listen to music with iphone on the go, another way then can use mac to work.

(3) A focus on design
Look at the device before the launch of the iPhone or five years ago, those devices it is easy to lose interest. Apple has brought the market to focus on the amount of and in this process to help improve the look and feel of the current mobile devices.

(4)Each family multiple devices

Five years ago, the phone is a luxury in the family. Family usually use a cell phone. However, due to the design of the iPhone, it has already become a personalized product. Now in one family, we can find more than one smart phone, which has greatly helped Apple and other Vendors.

(5)The demise of the personal media device

Interestingly, when Apple introduced its iPhone, it has also undermined their business. Before the iPhone launch, Apple’s iPod music player is the most popular mobile devices. Most music lovers love to use ipod as the only plaer to listen to music because the quality is really high. Of course, they have to always backup or copy music from ipod to computer or transfer ipod to mac in case of losing ipod.  However, with the integration of music with the iPhone, iPad is no longer necessary equipment. This personal media device is dying. This is Apple eliminated its once very popular device.

(6) Entertainment consumption has changed

Before the iPhone launch, there are many that would allow people to play games, listen to music or watch the video on phone. However, these features are not good quality. Most entertainment is still in the living room or on the computer consumption. However, iPhone has significantly changed this experience. All other mobile phone manufacturers are forced to improve media playback capabilities of their products. Now, more and more people play games on the iPhone and other mobile devices, watch videos and listen to music. This is the one can not ignore the tremendous changes in the market.

In conclusion: As an iphone user, we are happy we can keep the track of modern life pace, but in the same time, we have to learn some basic tips about how to make best use of Apple’s products such as how to transfer music from iphone to mac, how to read ebook on iphone etc. If you have met this problem for times, please feel free to come Amcsoft iphone to mac transfer center for you.


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