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Great tips on eyes makeup for summer

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Most of women love summer, because summer is a season can let them display they good figure and beauty, so, in summer, it is good to do heavy makeup. So, how to do eye makeup for summer, for eyes are the most important part of our body, whether eyes looks beauty effect the whole person. Thus, it is important to do eye makeup, here, we are going to learn some tips of making eye makeup for summer.

1. Lightly line the upper and lower lids from the inner corner to the outer corner with a soft brown or taupe eye liner. Apply the eyeliner a little heavier on the outside corners.

2. Try and limit yourself to one coat of mascara. You could use hair accessories or great looking scarves to move away the attention from the eyes. This could even be a great pair of shades that you wear during this season.

3. It is used to make soft and color full your eye and give so much magnetism to others, if you have undersized or small eye then you can boost it with the help of eyeshades and if you have immense large eye then you can easily control it with the help of eyeshades.

4. Fresh makeup should not contain liners and mascaras while they bleed and also make you look like you are having a black eye. In the same manner prevent kohl pencils, as most of these smudge, irrespective of what brand you purchase.

5. Don’t apply additional mascara to the lashes during the day. This may lead to a caked or clumpy look. If you really want to feel good that your eyes have that starched lash look, go and splash your eyes with water, it not only helps you feel fresh but also gives you the mascara look!

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  • Posted On July 27, 2012
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