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Grow, Grow and Grow Some More Healthily

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Normally when people are in their teens they never imagine themselves as growing old to become like their grandparents. In fact most teenagers and persons in their early twenties think that their youthfulness is immortal. But there are some very unfortunate ones who end up losing their youth when they are not even remotely near their fifties. A common African quote says that youthfulness is like smoke, once gone it never comes back. However, technology has blessed us with a way to immortalize our youth. Our body produces human growth hormone which stimulates growth and inhibits the aging process. The levels of this hormone in the blood stream increase gradually with age and are at maximum during adolescence, and then decrease from there. When someone reaches their adulthood, perhaps the early thirties, the human growth hormone (HGH) levels start falling and aging kicks in.

But now it is possible to ensure that the production of this hormone is kept tiered during adulthood to prevent the onset of the advanced aging process. Growth hormone pills are very helpful in this process of ensuring that your body remains looking young and vibrant even when you are in your seventies. Growth hormone injections are available only from a doctor and require you to get a prescription to purchase them. The process of getting the prescription is usually the hardest because the doctor must prove that you really do need these injections. However, no prescription is necessary to purchase them in a pill supplement form.

There are the HGH products which come in very handy for persons who are already in their mid thirties. These products stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more of the HGH regularly in order to fight the effects of the aging process that start taking place during this time of one’s life. It is a known fact that when the HGH stops being produced, there is no more growth and this includes increase in height. But, thank technology for HGH height growth products which aim at helping people with height issues to not only remain young but also continue growing in all aspects. Therefore for someone who is already six feet tall, the height growth products will not be so helpful to you, unless you want to become a ten story building.


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  • Posted On May 28, 2012
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