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Growing Up Fkk in a Fkk Family

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(Growing up naturist was submitted by one of our readers who rather not mention his name – which we naturally esteem)

Growing Up Naturist:
It wasn’t always easy growing up as a naturist. I never selected to be one; my parents were big fans of social nudity, and I just wound up as a natural, dyed in the wool naturist. I say it wasn’t simple, but that is not to say that I minded it, that it was bad, or that I wound up imbalanced or perverted in some way.
It was just difficult when let them come to our house, worrying that their precious, sheltered offspring might see a scattered slip of skin.
You see, my parents were out and proud nudists; it wasn’t actually a secret. While they were way too reasonable to be waving genitalia in the faces of neighborhood children, that is just what all the puritan crusaders of the HOA expected, or wanted, to occur. here had no notion what being a naturist actually means, but I do.
As I said, my breeding made me a natural naturist. Little kids will happily run around without a stitch of clothing, entirely nude, but most parents repair that at an early age. Kids are told that to run around nude is awful, gross, filthy and something to be embarrassed of.
My own naturist parents never raised me with this kind of outlook, and for that I thank them. They did teach me that clothes is expected for most social engagements, but for our family, clothing was something you wore for other people.
Growing Up Nudist
I’m glad I grew up as a nudist – I believe it helped make me who I am now. I understand it saves me a lot of cash on clothing, because I do not actually care about them. I shop for relaxation, not for over-hyped fashion styles.
Growing up fkk really helps me with girls, too; it is hardly fair to my contest. I have been comfortable in my own skin my whole life, so I never get performance anxiety.
Being raised as a nudist child additionally makes it easy for keep my eyes off of the cleavage, and women love that. Occasionally I think the only reason for low-cut tops will be to weed out the men who can not control their roving eyes.
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  • Posted On September 19, 2016
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