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Growth of IT Companies Philippines

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The globalization that paved way to development of communication and technology has created a lot of opportunities to various companies of different business industries. The competition in the global marketplace has become stiffer. It is important to have a secure place in the business industry in order to survive in the business world. Companies should know how to maximize the available resources for the growth and development of their businesses.  Every company has different needs and requirements for flexibility and unique differentiation; especially when it comes to information technology, or IT services.  This is one of the reasons why companies these days are opting to subcontract their non-core business activities to third party providers – in order to get the services of the most competent and efficient IT companies for lower costs.

In outsourcing IT services, it is important that a company hires outsourcing providers that go beyond typical mainstream certifications. When an information technology is outsourced, your business partner should have the ability to provide its own structured IT system that will match the needs and requirements of your business. Hire the outsourcing provider that has specialized training for developing its staff with the effective certifications and experiences needed in order to be competent. Good IT specialists have the necessary knowledge and should acquire the most advanced technical skills.

IT outsourcing companies Philippines has all the necessary requirements in providing effective IT services. More and more companies are relocating their IT support services to the Philippines because of the following reasons:


·         The country boasts its vast pool of IT professionals that are specialized in various IT activities. Many of them are working in the outsourcing industry as technical support or part of the IT departments assisting foreign clients. Filipinos have natural skills and impressive technical knowledge and this makes them good employees when it comes to handling IT support services.

·         Philippines offer low rates of labor and operation. Companies that outsource IT support to the country can take advantage of the economic difference. The currencies of the countries where outsourcing companies are located are relatively higher as compared to the Philippines. Companies are able to save to as much as 60 percent from overhead and operations with Philippine IT outsourcing.

·         The proficiency of the Philippine workforce in the English language, which is the primary communication tool used in the outsourcing industry, is also an advantage.

·         Philippines is an outsourcing location with a different time zone (EST+12); which enables 24/7 operation. The round the clock operation improves business productivity. This factor attracts a lot of foreign investors to relocate their technical support operations to the Philippines because it gives them more opportunities in growing their businesses.

Companies in the Philippines that outsource IT support are managing services into a specific model. A big portion of the population of the country’s technical support specialist is usually restricted to a lower level of technical support and troubleshooting for specific brands and systems. IT outsourcing companies Philippines that caters to the more advanced level of technical support provides a highly specialized networking and system specialists with certifications for platforms.


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