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GUCCI replica handbag

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Recently back gucci replica handbags from abroad, a Gucci, oversized limited edition, white snakeskin material, be my first big bags. Hangzhou people went to a small master that cattle care, hear each other and looking at the shelves full of big say “wash bag for so many years, have not seen this look like GUCCI”, which is called limited edition ah .

Only just back gucci replica out on the eyes and encountered all kinds of strange problems.”This bag?” A circle of fashionable MM at least three times I looked around, then frowned start outright. I knew she did not see it.”What? How this bag so expensive?” Out interviews across a Chongqing counterparts, which is also the MM Gucci toting an unguarded moment, then cropped up in Sichuan, but even more tragic is that she not only did not recognize the origin of the bag , even the cortex did not distinguish.

“This is what package replica gucci bags it?” It is with a certain fashion in Hangzhou, said body brand, and luxury public relations also have a house on fire, I saw her glance at it with disdain, busy living their own to go.This experience will be staged almost daily, so looked down at his bag, I suddenly felt very interesting. People walking around, a senior fashion touched, slightly sympathetic, said: “I first see this package, you give it back to be the professionalism of colleagues made a big test, then look no obvious patterns are out, weekdays only recognize LOGO section, showing basics are not sound. “

So bored ran into the Gucci store visits, indeed eyeful gray LOGO. “Currently in China, buyers did not consider the introduction of these limited edition, because the price will be very expensive, and less expensive to buy but no one know, would not waste money.” A circle of friends told me, ” Why filled LV’s Speedy and Neverfull, once they see the back 80% of the Chanel 2.55, from the current situation of China, not so much they are classic, as it is the public face because it is individuals recognize. “

“In fact, many Hermes Birkin consumers are from our monogram (letter combinations, here is the classic combination of a number of brands, such as the LV pattern and Chanel double C) style entry, but China has so many years, we also want them on the has improved our understanding. “This is the wish of LV, they need access to consumer awareness in China’s upgrading, because they did not want his image is famous toss leather, but to highlight the cultural history of travel, but also prove their material for various skin has a strong ability to control.Have to say, I have also Fanmao Bing, because that is filled with running and heart lv resentment, eventually comrades severely criticized a business has a solid meal: you are qualified to look down on LV? You can ensure you see things all over his house?

Can only be hermes birkin price inspired by the shopping experience, because never no love of foreign claims on Gucci has chosen one I saw this package, so when the money had to admit that subvert the previous impression, no choice but to self-deprecating: too others too earth, behind the times it is her own.In fact, more often because most of them nearly enough away from the essence, but dedication to want to get recognition. Respected his heart may be the best attitude towards luxury.


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