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Guide to hiring mini cab service in London

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Mini cab services in London are very common. They are everywhere with people jumping in and out of them every hour, all through the year, at peak and late hours alike. Mini cab services London take you wherever you want to go for a very reasonable fare. Unlike premium cab services, mini cabs are readily available and run at regular frequencies.
 First, it is worth knowing that mini cabs are private vehicles for hire. London black cabs are slightly different from these in their time and mode of operation. Minicabs in London can be booked online through authorized booking agents only. You cannot flag down a mini cab just like you would in case of black cabs.

 Certain regulations that were introduced late in 1960’s changed a lot of things about privately operated mini cab services in London. Second, mini cab services in London are suitable for people who love to plan things in advance. If you want conveyance for an emergency, a black cab is your best option. Just flag them down driving past you and be on your way.
Assuming that you had planned your journey in advance, mini cab service in London can offer you great advantages. Just call a mini cab booking center and book a cab from point A to B and fix a price. There are no obligations and you can easily change the timings or cancel the booking all together. Booking a mini cab is not uniform. Since the service is managed by private entities, the experience of booking a car differs from website to website.
Advantages of Booking in Advance
Due to the aggressive competition between the mini cabs and hackney carriages, private sector offers their service at a much lower price. This is what makes private players attractive. Booking in advance has its definite advantages. You can propose a price and provided the driver agrees to it, you can basically pay what you want to. So pick your phone and book a mini cab in London without wasting another minute.


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