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Guild Wars 2: 80 level Will not Get Top Equipment in WvW

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In the BWE3 test of Guild Wars 2, players mentioned there is no access to get top equipment and skills for the 80level role when enter WvW map, community A reply WvW can only get 80 level properties and unlocked skills and equipment in PvE, PvP still access to top-level equipment and skills.

Q: the most bothers me is that in the first test in the weekend activities, when I entered the game to achieve 80 level, I received a top weapons / armor and skills. But now after I enter the game to 80, I only had PvE unlock skills and weapons and armor in PvE, is in some places have been modified?

A: in WvW, you only get the skills and equipment of unlocked role. You can upgrade, get the trophy, and develop your own role like the PvE in the game. Your character can reach 80 on the property, so that progresses are almost the same, but you can to enhance your role by upgrading and getting new equipment.

In the hall of PvP and the structure in PvP, if you want to get the top-level weapons and armor, your role must be 80. All of your skills will unlock and you can purchase equipment by using NPC different properties allocation from the PvP hall. I guess your memory should still remain in the last test weekend activities PvP, because WvW was using your character skills and equipment all the time.

As for looking for fighting, if you want to participate in the structure of PvP ((5v5 or 10v10 battle), in the PvP hall, you can talk with the server NPC to join a server or click “get start” into the game, or you can attend a free game. If you once enter the map in WvW, then orange battle site will be displayed in the current fighting began, or you can chat with the players in the world map to find where help is needed.

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