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“Guild Wars 2″ server status explained in detail

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Number of servers has always been MMOG’s big problems. The staff should not only confirm that the few people in the server players will not feel abandoned, but also need to meet those players who want to play games with friends in a full server at the same time. It seems that the number of servers in Guild Wars 2 is very interesting from the experience of the players (including myself).

For this problem, the Guild Wars 2 undoubtedly takes some ingenious methods to solve. Regardless of the surface, there are some interesting dynamic events to obtain prestige and some areas are making a lot of high-level players to the lower area. Some exclusive prestige as well as heart-shaped tasks is the keys to attract high-level players. For dynamic events, many things just happened by lucky which cannot be requested.

First, I think this is ArenaNet’s error, because the server will always display geographical demographics. From my past experience, it seems there is no doubt that the small number of servers is always very easy to be ignored. In traditional sense, the small number of servers means fewer opportunities for exchanges on the public channel, while trading between players is less, public activities, not to mention. These circumstances are just the opposite for a full or crowded server.

I have played games in the crowded and smooth status; there is no difference between these two states. I have to ignore it when encounter random events. This is in order to avoid the spirits are deliberately canceled to a department server “smooth” tag, if this is the case, it might as well have marked a full forget.

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If they insist on a server status flag, why do not remove all state flags and then released the level of activity users directly (such as online)? Although this is likely to draw the media’s blame, saying that they conceal the users’ number, but they can let all the server status be transparency and there will be no gray area.


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