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Guild Wars 2 Standard Edition Markdowns

  • Posted July 23, 2012
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The online store has launched Guild Wars 2 client special promotional activity, in addition, the final BETA test of Guild Wars 2 has been determined to start on July 20.

Are you still maintaining a wait-and-see attitude for purchase the “Guild Wars 2”? If you want purchase it in special price, then the opportunity is coming! will promote “Guild Wars 2 “in low price and the Standard Edition is $ 12 cheaper.

The original price of the standard Guild Wars 2version is $ 59.99, take advantage of this promotion, you can buy it only in $ 47.99. If you want to enjoy this discount, you need to carry out pre-order through (required) and use the following promotional code: EMCYTZT1867.

Also note that the product is in kind rather than the digital download version, it will be shipped after the release of the game.

In addition, the Guild Wars 2 has been identified to be on sale on August 28. The final BETA testing of the game over the weekend activities had held from July 22 to July 20. For this, the media curse is about to expand Guild Wars 2 activation issuance activity, and 20000 test code to prepare for the ordinary members. You need to register as CURSE members before the opening of the event. Please see the details in as following:

curse issue “Guild Wars” test code event page:

The CURSE member registration page:

Platinum members can get the test code of testing activities in Guild Wars 2 “Final BETA weekend, ordinary members have to wait until Europe and the United States local time on July 9. Register platinum members can ensure to access a test pattern.

We prepared 5000 yards for Platinum members (paid), 20000 ready for the ordinary members. Therefore if you desire for it, you need to pay close attention.

The continent of Tyria has gone through several generations of war and chaos. Now the die dragon Zhaitan rise from the sunken Orr country, the tsunami and earthquake it caused destroyed all cities on both sides of the Sea of ​​Sorrows.

The heroes from five races must co-operate to against common ancient enemy. Guild Wars 2 races:

The Charr: fierce feline race warrior.

The Asura: magic inventor with small stature, but full of wisdom.

The Norn: from the cold Northern Territory, tall and strong build.

The Sylvari: the mysterious young plant race.

The Humans: a race troubled but still tenacious.


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