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gwalior 5d | gwalior 5d

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Blue chip Amusement(I) Pvt. Ltd is an established dynamic company which offers the widest range of specialised services and products in the leisure industry. We are specialised in manufacturing amusements products meeting all types of tourist and leisure complexes, including Amusements Parks, Shopping Complexes using Turnkey formula, on a wide scale; with the capability to develop any kind of leisure projects, independent of its size, complexity or nature to be noted.
On a preliminary design level, we are currently working on diverse types of products such as:

    * 4D Theatre
    * Mirror Maze
    * Horror House
    * Freaky Jungle
    * Vortex
    * Capsule Simulator

From the black and films of the bygone days, today we have come a long way with revolutions in colours, sounds, dynamics and special effects. In the near past, cinematography has made stunning signs of developments by producing films in 3D. Taking innovative steps further ahead, virtual realities like 4Ds, 5Ds, 6Ds and XDs have made 3Ds a common thing.

5D movies are enhanced 4D movies with additional physical effects in synchronization with the film. In a 4D movie, 3D visual effects are combined with special simulations like chair movements including vibrations, sways, tilts, wave motions, or movements to any direction and other special effects, like wind blowing, water spraying, leg and back ticklers. 5D movies, goes one more step ahead, by introducing additional hall effects, such as smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smells etc.
The company has total experience in concept design, theming, installation, training and on-going support so, whatever the requirement, BCA can provide the complete solution.
Do you want to turn a house into a haunted house for spine chilling dark house, seriously? Make it a fun and scary experience for all who enter its creaky doors. Here’s a wealth of ideas for making a haunted house. Planning, mapping, covering the safety issues, making it scary, getting props and costumes, making up the characters… There’s lots to know when creating a haunted house.

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