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Halloween: the eve of All Saints’Day

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Every October 31 is the western traditional festival: Halloween , dictionary for “The explanation of All Saints’ eve,” Chinese translates to “Halloween night”. At that night, children will put on making-up clothing and go door-to-door wearing masks and collect candy. The night is also the most “haunted” night in a year, so also called the” spirit festival”. It was mainly popular in English world, such as the British Isles and North America, followed by the Australian and New Zealand.

The legend of the origin of Halloween has many versions, the most common think, is that it was rooted in Christ who was born of the ancient western European countries before, including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The several ancient people of Western Europe were called Druids. their New Year’s November 1st, on New Year’s eve, for young people to set team, wearing weird masks, carrying carved turnip lights (pumpkin lamp is the later custom, ancient Western Europe has no pumpkins), they walked on village roads. It had actually been as the harvest celebrating ceremony; Also be seemed as ” spirit festival”, it was said that the soul of the dead would come back on the eve of Halloween ,people should let the visitors see the good harvest and a sumptuous serving. All bonfires and lights, not only to scare spirits away, but also for ghosts illuminate route, guide their regression.



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