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Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling, founder of Just Melt Medical Spa
HS: We love your slogan, Just Melt Into Your Perfect Self. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Just Melt?
DJ: Thank you! Just Melt is a passion project and the idea has been spinning around in my head for years. As an orthodontist with busy offices here in New York City and on Long Island, braces is often the first “cosmetic” step many of adult patients take and since we opened the doors of our orthodontic practice, countless patients have asked me for referrals for a number of treatments – Botox, lip injections, liposuction, skin treatments, diets you name it. From there, I began working with some of the most respected plastic surgeons and aestheticians in the area to put together the stellar Just Melt team, ensuring that we can truly help every patient who enters our practice find their healthiest, most beautiful self – safely and with the same level of care and high standards my orthodontic patients are accustomed to.  With the obesity epidemic reaching the proportions it has – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of all American adults are obese – the timing was perfect to help patients melt into their perfect selves.
HS: So, how does one melt into their perfect self?
DJ: Ironically, much of what makes us so efficient and so amazing in 2012 is also one of our biggest hurdles when it comes to wellness and beauty. Between iPhones, blackberries, email and everything else, we are hard wired to expect instant gratification but when it comes to our health and our appearance, it doesn’t always come with the territory. Fortunately, thanks to technology like the Zerona laser and the HCG diet, today we are able to give our patients a safe, nonsurgical dose of instant gratification when it comes to weight loss – often exactly the motivation they need to adopt healthier long-term habits. Here at Just Melt, we offer a complete line of body contouring services, skin tightening treatments, Endermologie procedures, soft tissue fillers, Botox and more. Our passion is bringing patients the non-surgical answers they need to address the concerns plaguing them daily when it comes to their appearance and overall health. That’s how we help our patients “Just Melt into their perfect selves.”

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