Due to the necessity of handbags and the great convenience to buy handbags online, it is important to know that you buy authentic piece of designer bags, leather bags, clutches bags, evening bags and ladies handbags online. Here are some tips for you. Get familiar with the brand you are looking for Do a little homework first before purchasing and never buy handbags online from the first online store you find. Try to know more about the special or popular brands and master the techniques of identifying.

Try to find some reliable websites and serious dealers having good reputation. Make sure that the retailer you are making contact with is serious and honest or popular among buyers. For added ease of purchase and peace of mind, examine the payment methods for the handbags website and check out the site’s prices thoroughly. Some of the basic skills are as follows. (1) Indentify the logo or design of a special brand. They may be spelled slightly differently, such as interlocking Os instead of Cs, Carter instead of Cartier etc. Through careful observation, the knockoff with wrong logo can be easily recognized and avoided. (2) Check the stitching of the handbag. Designer bags are always careful with their stitching, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc. While some sloppy, uneven or slanted ones are usually fake. (3) Check the lining. Due to the exquisite craftsmanship, the real designer handbags will certainly be lined with fine silk, leather or satin. (4) Pay attention to the zipper at the handbag.

Identify carefully: combine the methods you know and check the pictures. In addition, pay attention to the photos that make you see for sure what you are buying. If you cannot see a photo clearly online, try to lighten the photo or zoom in on the photo. If some dealers don’t have photos online, ask for them. Serious sellers will certainly offer them to you. Attach importance to the product’s return policy & guarantee terms etc.Make sure the store you will buy a handbag from has responsible posting and return etiquette. Be sure to look for the product’s return policy in detail as well as the exact guarantee terms. Find sound ratings from actual customers. Opinions on products and shops are easy to locate online. Take advantage of the online user forums or evaluations on some websites selling handbags.

Pay attention to the positive feedback as well as the negative one, for after using the handbags, the customers know how their handbags workshop with care and attention to the above details and tips and you will have the authentic handbag you have always desired. A wholesale bag is a unique segment of our online bag store. Customer with wholesale deals, simply register themselves at our ‘Wholesale bags’ department, wherein clients are contacted at the earliest by our management team. Australia wide free shipping is offered by our bags online stores for all purchase. Shop at Niclaire and experience for yourself. You can obtain frequent customer benefits without all the hassle of membership. Plus you always receive up to 10% off Loyalty Bonus.


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